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1 About 1880, after nine children, Jessie was deserted by her husband, David Aitchison.

2 Accidentally Killed MEEHAN, JAMES HENRY (I1171)
3 According to 1905 Cyclopedia, Nixon was trained as a ships carpenter. He arrived at Lyttleton, Canterbury, NZ, by the ship Matoaka in 1861.  DUNCAN, NIXON (I1848)
4 According to Trudy McNamara;
Harry was a NZ Rail stationmaster and was based in many Otago stations including Kurow.
He contracted pneumonia at age 20 at Trentham military camp. He late developed TB which caused his death at age 40. 
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I509)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I916)
7 Annie arrived at Bluff, NZ with her family on 26 Nov 1875 aboard "Peter Denny"
Anne was 14 years old at the time. 
8 Anthony Joseph Duggan was a schoolteacher at the time of his marriage to Isa McWilliam. DUGGAN, ANTONY JOSEPH (I734)
9 Archibald Douglass arrived at Port Chalmers 29th April 1858 on the "Strathfieldsaye" with his ten children ranging in age from 5 to 22 years.They had been 3 months at sea from Glasgow after setting sail on 21st January 1858.
His wife Amelia had died aboard on 25th February 1858. 
10 Archibald was nearly 4 years old when his father died and Grace had just turned 3. Family F28
11 Archibald was of the Haughs of Tulemet , Carse O'Gowrie , near the River Tay and Amelia was of Perth , Scotland. The McIntosh family were city folk , some of whom held senior positions in the railways. DOUGLASS, ARCHIBALD (I100)
12 Arrived in NZ 1878? at age 18? - (16 years in NZ at death 12.06.1894) BROWNE, MARY ANNE "ANNIE" "MARIAN" (I1170)
13 At his death in August 1938 he was 60 years in new Zealand.
He therefore came to NZ around 1878. 
14 At the time of her death, Christina was a widow living at South Hampton Street, Christchurch. CARMICHAEL, CHRISTINA de YOUNG (I223)
15 Barbara died 10 years after the marriage at the age of 44. Family F247
16 Barbara was a widow aged 34 with two children - Archibald aged 9 and Grace aged 8 Family F247
17 Born Leswalt (30 Mar 1851 Census lodging aged 20 with his sister, Grace aged 17) ??
Grace born 21 Sep 1831 - 20 Sep 1832 Doesn't quite stack up ???...
John, Settler to New Zealand
Native of Scotland - 7 years in NZ therefore arrived 1859 ??
This conflicts with "Douglass Book" page 46 which states he arrived on "Gil Blas" in 1855
Died at Dunedin 1 September 1866 aged 35 (therefore born between 2 Sep 1830 - 1 Sep 1831) 
18 Captain, 27th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. JOHNSTONE, MELVILLE (I1736)
19 Coach Builder
Last Address; 5 Chapel Street, Dunedin  
20 Coroners Finding;
Retired Farmer - Died from fractures of the skull and brain injuries sustained when he was struck by a motorcar driven by Robin Craig Watson on Elles Road, Invercargill earlier the same evening. 
21 Death Date from NZ BDM BUNGARD, BABY (I3172)
22 Deceased SULLIVAN, JOHN (I2117)
23 Described in DCC Cemetery records as;
Occupation;- Dairy Farmer
Native of;- Scotland
Years in NZ;- 18 (Therefore arrived in NZ 1858)
Last Address; - Sandymount, Dunedin
Place Died;- Dunedin 
24 Died KNOX, JOHN (I484)
25 Died aged 24 ? EVANS, CARL (I2113)
26 Died at 11:15am 13.10.1886 aged 88 years
1 Rosevale Place, Inch, Stranraer
Widow of Alexander McWilliam, Farmer
Daughter of Alexander McGeoch, Farmer (deceased)
Daughter of Janet McGeoch nee Milroy (deceased)
Cause of Death - Senile Decay
Informant;- Alex McWilliam, Son, of 15 Rosevale Place, Partick 
27 Died at 5 weeks of age GEOFFREY, JOHN JOSEPH (I1085)
28 Died at Dunedin Public Hospital
Last address; 41 Edgar Street, Dunedin
Retired Taxi Driver 
29 Elizabeth Gleeson was a single skilled woman of 22 years when she sailed alone from Queenstown, near Dublin, County Cork, Ireland aboard the vessel, "Dunedin' in 1880. Elizabeth came to New Zealand to meet up with her sister Anastasia who had emigrated previously. GLEESON, ELIZABETH (I61)
30 Ethel never married  THOMSON, ETHEL MAY (I4825)
31 Exact location of death is not confirmed but a reasonable assumption by Paul Meehan - Refer to the following articles;
Patricks army service record may confirm the exact location. 
32 Family was living at Windsor, near Oamaru, at the time of Philips death. Family F302
33 FamilySearch Ancestral File Source (S1)
34 Farmer
Husband of Grace McGeoch
Died at 1:20am 23 November 1873 aged 86
At Inchparks, Inch
Cause of death;- Old Age
Son of John McWilliam, Farmer, (deceased)
Son of Janet McWilliam nee Milvain, (deceased)
Informant;- Alex McWilliam, son, present at time of death (Alex's age about 33years)

1841 Census states; Alexander aged 54, Grace aged 41, John aged 12, Janet aged 10, Alexander aged 1 
35 Farmer McWILLIAM, JOHN (I1282)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I511)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I641)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I486)
40 George & Barbara had two further children together, Douglass & Bruce. Family F247
41 George Murray was 55 years of age and widowed with 5 children when he married Barbara.
Family F247
42 He joined Royal Fleet Reserve, Devonport on 24th January 1909 and was a Metropolitan Police Constable in London at the time of his marriage on 5th March 1910. GLEESON, MARTIN JOSEPH (I1726)
43 He was described as Schoolmaster at the time of his marriage to Annie Hall DUGGAN, ANTONY JOSEPH (I734)
44 He was recalled to the Navy on 11 August 1914 at the outset of WW1. He was a Leading Seaman (Qualified Diver) and lost his life on 14 October 1918 (less than a month before the Armistice) GLEESON, MARTIN JOSEPH (I1726)
45 Headstone records James death as 25 Oct 1901 however BDM records his death as 28 Sep 1901 MEEHAN, JAMES PATRICK (I62)
46 His Submarine L10 had fired a torpedo which hit its target but the sub didn't compensate for the torpedo weight and breached the surface and was pursued by other enemy craft and was sunk. GLEESON, MARTIN JOSEPH (I1726)
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I43)
48 Information gained from Mundia user "Mushdaba" SHEEHY, JOHN (I2901)
49 Information re Catherine gained from Mundia user "Mushdaba" - unverified CARROLL, CATHERINE (I2900)
50 Jack was a POW in Germany for 4 years - WW2 FORBES, JOHN ALEXANDER "JACK" (I110)

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